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Winter Pampering

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I’m sick. Unfortunately this happens every winter, and it sucks. Because I know this is an inevitable fate, I have adapted my own pampering routine that helps beat the winter blues and make me feel slightly better.

First I like to start with steaming my face and cleansing with Lush’s Angels On Bare Skin Cleanser. This is an amazing cleanser, especially when you’re sick because of the lavender and almond scents. I also love this cleanser because it leaves my skin not only clean, but moisturized as well. DSC_0733

After my cleanse, I start up the shower and apply this Origins Original Skin Mask. This is an awesome product to use in the shower because it smells of citrus, which really helps to invigorate your skin and clear your nose. I like to leave this on for about 10 minutes, or until I am done washing my body. DSC_0735

When you’re sick, this is the perfect time to treat your skin to an amazing body wash. I love this one here, also by Lush, called Sweetie Pie. I love this one so much because it smells of candy, and I just really enjoy smelling good when I don’t feel too well, or even when it’s cold out. DSC_0736

Once the shower is all done, I like to wrap up in a super comfy robe and apply some lotion. The one I have been reaching for the most this season is the Bath and Bodyworks Stress Relief Lotion. This is PERFECT for when you’re sick because it helps to calm the mind and relax your body, due to the eucalyptus inside. DSC_0737

To finish off, I like to make a super hot cup of tea, Pomegranate Green Tea being my favorite. Hot drinks really help to soothe your throat, which can get scratchy in the colder months.DSC_0738

Once all of this is said and done, I like to settle down with some Netflix or a nice book, and just fall asleep.

I hope this gave you some ideas for winter pampering! What are some products you love for nights like these?

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