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Stila Patina RANT!

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I placed an online order through Sephora during their VIB 20% off sale, and I decided to jump on the Patina bandwagon. I was super excited to play around with this liquid lipstick, as all of the swatches were gorgeous, and everyone seemed to be in love with it. This was around the $20 price range, so it definitely wasn’t cheap but I thought, “well, it is such a wearable color that I can get over the price.” I finally found the perfect day to try this out, a day I had a shoot and wanted to look super nice.

I started that day off normally; did all of my makeup except my lips (so that I could drink my tea in the car), and headed out. When I was about 15 minutes from location and stuck in traffic, I decided this was the perfect time to apply my lip color. I pulled out the lipstick from the packaging, and admired the feel of the brand new tube. It definitely is nice packaging. I opened my mirror and off I went. It was almost painful to open the tube, since I knew this was the last time I was going to see it so clean, but I mustered up the courage and went for it. (Why am I making this so dramatic?!)

The applicator itself is almost a flattened doe-foot, which I actually really liked. It was very easy to apply the product. Then it hit me…the smell. Oh god that smell. I can only describe this as a mix of cake batter and baby barf. I actually gagged. That color. Oh that color. This was so beautiful on my lips, and I just figured that the smell would wear off, as most…drugstore…products do. (Shouldn’t have to compare STILA to a drugstore brand at all…)

The second I was done applying, I noticed a slight tackiness to the formula. This wasn’t terrible, but I couldn’t ignore it. Now I know that this is more of a mousse formula as opposed to, say, Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks, which are a straight liquid, but I still feel like they shouldn’t be that tacky.

So I arrive at my shoot, get some compliments on my lip color, and go about my usual business. While I am working on my second client, I notice him looking at my lips a lot more than would be considered normal. This, of course made me feel super uncomfortable, so the second I sent him to set, I pulled out a mirror. What I saw left me in such horror. I was so embarrassed! It looked like I had applied just liner and no lipstick. Everything was balling off my lips and had completely stained the surrounding skin. Needless to say, I went to the bathroom and washed it off.

I decided to give it another go, as sometimes the first try isn’t as nice as it could be. I reapplied on freshly moisturized lips, and once again the putrid smell hit me like a ton of bricks. I wanted to barf.

I went back to set, still giving this the benefit of the doubt, since it has such a cult following. By the end of the day, I could still TASTE the smell. That’s just wrong. I once again removed it and returned it to it’s packaging. I will definitely be returning this product.

All in all, I am only a little disappointed, as I have found that when I go for products that are all the rage, I am usually let down by the real quality. I only post my true opinions on products on my blog and channel. There is really no reason to lie about anything in a review. Getting a company’s attention is not at the top of my list, informing my clients and followers is.

I always suggest that you try out products for yourself, because some stuff that doesn’t work for me, might work for you! If you are looking for a good quality “liquid lipstick”, I would highly recommend the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams. These smell amazing, don’t ball up, last forEVER, are affordable, and are still a mousse formula!

What are some of your favorite liquid lipsticks?

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