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Colourpop Collection and Swatches!

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So I was a little late to the bandwagon when it came to Colourpop products, mainly because I wanted to see how long the trend lasted (to see if the products were going to be worth it for me). I finally placed my order a few weeks ago, so I wanted to show you everything I own now! I didn’t purchase any lip products yet, i just wanted to focus on the less talked about products. Also, I wanted to show natural daylight swatches on pale skin, since I had a hard time finding swatches that weren’t taken using lighting or flash. I hope you enjoy!

2015-11-16 11.18.33

Let’s start with highlights! These retail for $8.00 each.

2015-11-16 11.07.41
Top to bottom: Hippo, Spoon, Butterfly Beach, and Teasecake.
2015-11-16 11.02.59 2015-11-16 11.04.05

Hippo is a beautiful pinky-lavender shade that is perfect for pale skin! I love this one in combination with light pink blush.

2015-11-16 11.05.41 2015-11-16 11.04.54

Spoon is more of a golden highlight, very pretty for medium skin tones.

2015-11-16 11.07.11 2015-11-16 11.07.53

I love Butterfly Beach as a light blush overlay. It adds a very pretty pink glow to the apples of the cheeks. Unfortunately, this is too dark for me to be used as a highlight. This is beautiful nonetheless!

2015-11-16 11.05.59 2015-11-16 11.06.51

Teasecake is another super gorgeous shade that is also too dark to be used as a highlight :/ this is a super peachy-golden shade that I love as a very glowy blush.

2015-11-16 11.17.22

On to the shadows! These retail for $5.00 each.

2015-11-16 11.19.17
Top to bottom: Cricket, Girl Crush, Party Time, Mixed Tape, Tea Party, Acorn, and I Heart This.
2015-11-16 11.11.03 2015-11-16 11.10.43

Cricket is by far my favorite shade that I own. This is a gorgeous plum shade with gold and silver glitter ran through. This also has the best finish ever. I love using this as an all over lid shade to create the most amazing smokey eye!

2015-11-16 11.11.03 2015-11-16 11.11.31

Girl  Crush is a beautiful purpley-taupe matte shade that is perfect as a transition shade, or a crease color with a lighter color on the lid. I love this one as well!

2015-11-16 11.11.44 2015-11-16 11.12.05

Party Time is the darkest shade I own and is also a matte shade. I love this one because it works well with any shade. This is again a purpley brown shade (can you tell what my favorite color is?)

2015-11-16 11.13.00 2015-11-16 11.13.26

Mixed Tape is a similar shade to Cricket, but a little lighter and more metallic than glittery. This almost has a silver shift to it.

2015-11-16 11.14.14 2015-11-16 11.14.42

Tea Party is a shade that I don’t normally go for, but when I was placing my order, it really called to me! I am so glad that I ended up purchasing it though, because it is the perfect peachy-orange glittery shade. This is super flattering on green eyes, and I’m sure it will also be amazing on brown!

2015-11-16 11.15.02 2015-11-16 11.15.47

I decided that in my quest for new shadows, I should also get some practical shades, which led me to this one. Acorn is a really nice, simple crease or all over lid shade. This is another matte that is more of a cream-brown shade and it is super versatile!

2015-11-16 11.16.07 2015-11-16 11.16.26

Last but certainly not least, is my second favorite shade. This is I Heart This, and it is the most beautiful champagne glitter highlight shade that I own. this is so awesome as an inner corner highlight, and can even be used as a super dramatic cheekbone highlight on pale skin. I am so glad I got this shade.

All in all, I am super happy with my collection so far, but I am always looking to expand! If there are any shades that you think I need to own, or any lip products that are must-haves, please let me know! I am always interested in trying new products. Be sure to stay tuned for my Worth the Hype video on my channel, which will be live very soon!

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